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Well, it has definitely been a quiet start to the tourism year up here in Cairns, Australia. Where is everybody? Well, there are people around, but it’s just not super busy in the city. The last eight days have been pretty windy and rainy, but it has just come good today.

We had an amazing dive on Monday. It was about 20 knots, so a little windy, but we still had 10 metres visibility on the Agincourt Reef system and I saw the largest turtle I have ever seen, two lion fish a Moray Eel. Apart from the wind and the rain, I must say that I was still blown away by the dive. Find out more Click Here

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“Diving tours in Cairns, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef” – have you seen this before? What a great bit of footage Tourism Queensland has put together. Its so nice to see what life is all about up here in Far North Queensland wrapped up in this little film.

Welcome to beautiful sunny Cairns, Queensland Australia. My name is Clint Carroll and I live in Cairns. I have been backpacking in many parts of the world, including South East Asia, Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, England, UK, France, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Holland just to name a few. I have decided to set up this website to let people know what it’s like to live and work here in Cairns. I work in the travel industry and book all the tour options available in and around Cairns and the East Coast of Australia. I scuba dive extensively and will give you up-to-date information on all my latest dives.

Diving in Cairns is very easy. When you get here, you will see there are about 50 different companies to choose from. I have been diving here since November 2008 and there is a lot to see out there. Open water divers have the choice of I think 5 very good companies. My top 5 favorites would be:

– Silverswift
– Tusa T5
– Silversonic
– Aristocat
– Sunkist CDC

I had one of the best dives of my life on Silversonic last Saturday, 18th April. The visibility was about 15 metres and we dived ‘Barracuda Bommie,’ which boasts huge schools of Barracuda, small white tip reef sharks, lion fish, a Wobegon shark and a huge Moray Eel. The boat was very clean and tidy, with about 35 people on board. The dive gear was in great condition and we used the larger 12 litre tanks and actually had one of my longest dives ever at 58 minutes.

We finished the last dive of the day with a fantastic drift dive for about 800 metres, spotting 3 green sea turtles and another 3 white tip sharks…….. fantastic.

I thank all the crew on that day and the Outer Reef was at her best, showing us so much of what she has to offer.

Until our next scuba dive; stay tuned! We may go out again this Saturday 25th ……….

Happy diving, wherever you are!!!