Rainforest Helicopter Flight on a Robinson R44 – Cairns

Last Friday I was lucky enough to go for a wee 10 min flight around Cairns in a Robinson R44. What a fantastic aircraft, so maneuverable and a lot of fun! The weather was nice and warm, with a slight cool sea breeze.

I would like to wish everybody a super Merry X-mas and I hope everybody is with family & friends. Thank you to everybody from all over the world for all of your emails. I try to get back to every single one of you! I hope Greenbuddy inspires you to come back to Cairns or to even make your first visit to Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. Take Care! Clint 🙂

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The weather has been amazing recently. We are now entering our monsoon season up here in Cairns and it’s this time of the year that we regularly get 5 / 10 knots of wind! I am working on a brand new dive video from last Sunday  where we managed to drift dive the entire length of Hastings Reef North to South – it was unreal!! So, while your waiting, here is a little sneak peak of another new T-shirt design. Merry X-mas everybody and all the best!

Diving Yesterday From Port Douglas

OK, so I’m not trying to make you jealous, but this was yesterday on The Great Barrier Reef!! 🙂 We have had 5 knots of wind for the last 5 days and I must say it has been absolute bliss!!! This really is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. It reminds me every time that we are so lucky!! Enjoy, everybody!


I Know It’s Cold in Europe!

I have been watching the news and I can hear your cries that winter is upon you over there Europe. Also, it seems that winter has come early this year. Well, I have found this little deal on the web with Air Asia – and if you’re looking for a fantastic deal on getting over here to Australia, have a look at return flights from Paris to Kuala Lumpur for $620 Australian!! From Singapore you can also take a Jetsar flight into Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef. Today we have a temperature of 28 Degrees, blue skies and sunshine.