Paragliding in Cairns, Australia

Paragliding in Cairns,  The Adventure Capital of Australia. We had strong south easterly’s on Sunday, and what a day it turned out to be! All the guys were rocking out at the REX Lookout, which is on the scenic coastal drive between Cairns and Port Douglas. I was lucky enough to go up for 45 mins and managed to get to a height of 400 metres. What a magical afternoon!!

Also, I just had this sent to me – what an absolute amazing movie! Everyone should go see this: check the trailer below !!

S.S. Yongala Scuba Snake Movie, Australia

Well, its been another week in Paradise. I’m sorry to all my buddies out there, as I know you love diving, I have put together a little video from last Saturday, where we got up early in the morning and headed out to dive the famous S.S. Yongala! Wow! This wreck is still my favorite dive in the whole world. 🙂 At just half an hour from the beach, you are on the wreck, 30 meters down and you have an abundance of marine life all around you! I must give a  super big thank you to Steve Brady, Kath Cutler & Melanie Kriese for supplying this awesome snake video moment .. 🙂

Check out the video below:

De Havilland Beaver Sea Plane – 30 min Flight over Great Barrier Reef

The season of beautiful blue skies and light sea breeze is upon us at last!!! This is the best season for the whole year! The weather is so nice this time of year, at a max of 28 degrees Celsius and clear skies. Yesterday I was lucky enough to head out to the Great Barrier Reef in a ‘De Havilland Beaver’ with ‘Cairns Sea Planes’,  and what an awesome flight. We flew out over Green Island, Middle Cay, Michaelmas Cay and Upolo Cay, which took about 30 minutes in total. I made a quick little video with my i-phone. It’s a bit wobbly but it will give you the idea!!! Thanks to Joel and all the crew at Cairns Sea Planes!!

Check out the video here:

Cairns Became Famous Back in the 70’s as a Tourist Destination! Closest Point to Visit The Great Barrier Reef in all Her Glory!

Well I have just returned from Europe! It got me thinking about how I love Europe so much, with my buddies in France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain and the lifestyle, fashion, music, food and fun. I can understand how people can love the life there. So I thought to myself, why do I live in Cairns, Australia? Well… I was born here, so that’s a major start… but I keep coming back again and again, so what is it?

Well, I think i have put it down to the lifestyle. We are not stressed, the sun shines bright everyday (at this time of year at least) and the air is fresh and clean! Nature is at our doorstep from every angle. You can eat fresh food from the tablelands, fresh fish from the oceans and life is clean, away from the cities and pollution of major urban areas. We still have pristine waterfalls and untouched ancient rain forests that are so green and lush.. and, of course, the biggest prize of all – one of the great wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef, in all her glory.

You won’t find plastic bottles floating around in the water, or bottle caps and plastic bags …… we look after our environment…. I get told this everyday from travelers from all over the world who tell me they are so amazed at how clean our beaches, parks, streets and gardens are compared to other parts of the world.

I guess travel keeps your eyes open and makes you appreciate the simple things in life …. like diving 🙂