Don’t Want to Do Touristy Things with other People! Which is better Tourism or Mining?


Don’t Want to Do Touristy Things with other People! Which is better Tourism or Mining?


I guess a touchy subject depending on which side of the fence you get your pay check.


Mining generally produces the raw materials we all need to drive our cars, build our houses and just about every other man made product we consume!


I decided to write a little article on these two comparisons!


The Great Barrier Reef vs Mining!


Sometimes I have travelers come into our travel shop and say ….. I want to visit the Great Barrier Reef but I don’t want to go with other people and I don’t want to go to where the reef is trashed!


It’s strange some people have this impression that the reef is trashed.


So this got me thinking about tourism, and what are the benefits and downfalls that tourism presents to an area.


So people don’t want to go with other people to visit the reef. I guess it’s the herd mentality if there are other people out on a day trip with you this offers a lesser experience. I understand that overcrowding on a day trip will not be a pleasant experience.


But visiting the reef on a vessel and system that is made to carry larger amounts of people to offer the same experience is still a better option than mining! Isn’t it?


So when I get these questions I start to think about, what if Cairns didn’t have tourism. What if we had heavy industry mining out on the reef to collect the large sums of crude oil and gas sitting under the reefs.


Would this be a better option than tourism for our region?


I’m not having a go at mining but I’m trying to state the obvious. People, we need to work, run business, earn money, buy a house and raise a family. If 70 – 80% of all business in Cairns is directly affected by tourism is this a good thing?


Don’t get me wrong, tourism has large peaks and troughs and with it brings plenty of stress to business owners. But over a one year cycle, tourism is a major generator for the local economy.


Tourism helps to maintain and sustain the local environment for future tourist to come and enjoy.


Speaking to many reef tour company owners this is our bread and butter. So everybody is in the same boat to preserve and protect, maintain and sustain our beautiful natural environment for future tourists and children to visit.


Just another topic in relation to how we consume. There is a saying I remember hearing a shark or reef fish sitting on your plate for dinner earns about $50. Left swimming around out on the reef is worth 200 – 300 thousand dollars in tourists spending money to go out there and take a picture of it in the wild.


We do all need to eat, so fishing is a part of our lives but also the conservation of our marine parks for the future tourism dollars to roll is paramount. It’s all about trying to find that balance.


A great example of tourism helping an economy is Fiji. Without tourism, many Fijians would not be living the lives they are today. The tourist dollar allows an entire country to grow, prosper and work with the natural environment to sustain it for future tourism business.


Tourism allows the preservation of a landscape, allows humans to live there, earn money and also manage and protect it to the best of current human technologies and abilities.


If we say let’s forget tourism and go down the heavy industry mining path ….. what future will that bring to our local World Heritage environments?


So Cairns having a large scale modern tourism industry, you will find large scale tour boats, pontoons and platforms taking large groups of people to see this amazing part of the world.


But just have a think is it better to share your experience with other people, in turn helping to preserve the very thing it is you paid to come and see.


Or let’s bag out the tourism industry and bring in the heavy industry sector and see what ends up of our beautiful piece of paradise.



In Conclusion:


So next time your somewhere touristy, think a little bit about the infrastructure behind it and how many local people and families that sustainable approach supports.


Tourism is not the bees knees in solving all our commercial, environmental, sustainable options, there is always room for improvement. It is just a much better option than some of the other ways we treat the planet to produce money.


What are your thoughts? Let’s continue the discussion below:


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.



Papua New Guinea Dive Night Cairns, a Success Story The Australian Premier of Escape To Papua New Guinea, Wednesday – 05th AUGUST 2015.

Papua New Guinea Dive Night Cairns Australia

The Papua New Guinea Dive Night Cairns. Held at Event Cinemas Cairns, Wednesday – 05th AUGUST 2015.

Australian Premier of
Nature Documentary Film:
“Escape To Papua New Guinea” –


There was a palpable buzz of anticipation and excitement in the air. As soon as I walked into the room, I could feel the energy of the audience.


There was such a positive turn out, and it was just fantastic to see so many familiar faces at the very first Papua New Guinea Dive Movie Night in Cairns, last Wednesday – 05th AUGUST 2015.


Stay tuned for the next Papua New Guinea Dive Night in 2016 – We have some very special international guest speakers and world famous underwater photographers presenting on the evening. Join the E-Newsletter so you don’t miss out – Sign Me Up Scotty!


A sell-out crowd attended from many parts of the Cairns tourism/dive travel industry. It was so great to see, especially since this was the very first time it was being held in Cairns.



It really shows how the Cairns community has a thirst for nature, adventure, diving and generally everyone coming together to see fantastic outdoor adventure films. I think this is also why the Cairns Underwater Film Festival is always a great success.


However, what really got me excited was that this was also The Australian Premier of Nature Documentary Film “Escape To Papua New Guinea!“. It was an opportunity for the Cairns adventure tourism industry to catch a glimpse of the amazing natural landscape, rich culture and stunning underwater marine life that exists in PNG.


With tremendous attendance, the PNG dive night featured 3 main events.


For the first feature for the evening we presented a short 4-minute dive film which was filmed by Japanese underwater videographer – Hajime Ishikawa,edited by Mr Yasunori Iwamoto & produced by Takashi Yamada from the Tourism Promotion Authority in Japan. The short film, labelled “The Best Diving In Papua New Guinea” shows spectacular underwater footage from Papua New Guinea’s amazing marine environment.


Following Hajime’s short film, we were delighted by the second feature of the evening, a special guest presentation from Jürgen & Stella Freund from Jürgen Freund Photography.


Jürgen & Stella presented beautiful images of amazing natural landscapes, underwater scenes and beautiful photos of Papua New Guinea’s native culture. Originally commissioned by the WWF, Stella & Yogi gave us a brief insight to their work as they documented their journey thru the Golden Triangle which incorporates Papua New Guinea.


Jürgen & Stella Freund from Jürgen Freund Photography

Jürgen & Stella Freund from Jürgen Freund Photography

The Australian Premier of “Escape To Papua New Guinea”


After Jürgen & Stella’s entertaining, yet educational presentation, we presented the main feature film; the Australian Premier of “Escape To Papua New Guinea“. This nature-based documentary film is produced by Czech filmmakers Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova. and is the fifth installment of their 10 part Escape To Nature Series.


The film presents a rich in depth view to the lives and culture of the Papua New Guinea people. There were spectacular cultural scenes captured from the Crocodile Festival in the Sepik, as well as magnificent underwater scenes from Papua New Guinea’s amazing natural marine biodiversity.


I really think the film “Escape To Papua New Guinea” captures magnificent underwater scenes, rich in depth culture and beautiful tropical landscapes! This was a great opportunity for the Cairns adventure travel community to catch a glimpse of what it is like to scuba dive and travel in Papua New Guinea!


Please watch the short film clip from the night!

Our videographer for the evening Phil Warring from PhlipVids captured many attendees thoughts and feelings about the film.


Want to stay in touch for next years event?

Join the E-Newsletter so you don’t miss out – Sign Me Up Scotty!


Stay tuned for next years Papua New Guinea Dive Night – 2016. We have already started working on the program to bring you some very special international guest speakers and photographers! Stay tuned for more!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor!

Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor
Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor

Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor?


Thinking of taking that long awaited holiday to Australia? Is it on your bucket list of places to visit?


Just imagine, finally a chance to see Koala’s, Kangaroos, Ayers Rock, The Sydney Opera House and the ultimate wonder; The Great Barrier Reef!


Only after the idea has set, do we start to think about money! Only to be able to afford the international airline tickets. As the dream slowly becomes a reality the mind wonders; how long could you actually stay at $150AUD a night in 3 star hotels?


As the global monitory systems grinds on, something has been secretly working in your favor! The demise of Australian mining industry! Well its not as bad as that, but it is moving in a definite downward trend! What does that have to do with taking a holiday to Australia you may ask? Well its getting cheaper for starters!


The demise of the Australian dollar seems to have allot more to do with China than Australia. Simply put China has reduced its consumption of Iron Ore, Copper and Coal. These where the main resources it used to buy from Australia! According to economists China is still developing, just not at the pace it was 2/3 years ago.


Australia acted as one of China’s main source’s for raw materials. So now the demand is easing off, the big investment money has headed offshore to healthier and happier returns. In doing so the Australian dollar has headed into a downward spiral ever since. Economists are predicting it will tumble even further! Struth!


That is spectacular news for you the potential traveler! No really! At the time of writing this article, the Google machine suggests one British pound is worth 2.14 Australian Dollars! That’s a 50% saving on all Australian tour and travel product!


Ok so its the long haul international flight that’s the issue! Wait a minute, what about those fantastic deals coming out of Europe stopping thru Abu Dhabi, Dubai and even Singapore.


Did you know there are now direct flights between Singapore and Cairns in Northern Australia? Cairns is still regarded as The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! Check out Silkairs new service, you can fly London to Singapore to Cairns direct! Just awesome! Come and have some fun in the sun!


So back to our holiday calculations, a full day reef trip out on the Great Barrier Reef departing from either Cairns or Port Douglas is going to set you back around $200 Australian Dollars. Convert that to British pounds at today’s rate and it’s only £93.40.


Seriously what can £93.40 buy you in the UK? Well you could get 2 x 30 min joy rides on the Coca Cola London Eye from £75.90.


Is visiting the Great Barrier Reef; the largest living organism in the World, the most Spectacular Reef System on the planet worth £93.40. I should hope so. Don’t forget lunch, morning / afternoon tea and all of your snorkeling equipment is provided! Also a portion of that money goes to the preservation of the reef!


I know I hear you, add the international Flights, Food, Hotels and Transport and yes things do start to add up. But for the last 10 years this is nearly as good as it gets! or should I say as good as its been for a very long time!


Brent Crude oil is another factor that comes into play; cheap oil is making it more affordable to get to and from Australia. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was designed to be 20% more fuel efficient! Add to the equation major competition between carriers and we have an air price war, where at the end of the day the consumer wields the power!


Fuel at the petrol bowser in Australia is still pretty high, its strange considering crude oil prices are as low as I can ever remember. Your still looking at around $1.48 per liter to fill up your car.


So renting a car or camper gives you the freedom to roam the wide open plains. But you will end up paying for it at the petrol bowser. It’s still much cheaper to fly in Australia than it is to take your car.


So is Australia Cheap? Has the World Currency Market Made it more Affordable?


In some regards, I would have to say yes! As a whole I wouldn’t say Australia is cheap destination to travel. For example a meat pie and can of coke will still set you back around $7.50AUD.


But I would say at the time of writing this article the World currency market has now created a positive exchange rate in favor of our British, European and American Travelers.


In fact; if you look at history, it hasn’t been this good for well over 10+ Years!


So as time moves on, the kids get a little older and the mortgage is paid down. Is it time to splurge a little on that long lost wild destination called Australia? I think so, if not its getting very close.


Come on out and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. You may even find you’ll have a dollar or two left over for a souvenir Koala photo! Struth Mate!


Happy traveling everyone!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

Eating Out In Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide! – Noodles with Attitude!

When Garlic & Ramon Collide Noodles with Attitude Eating out in Cairns
Eating out in Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide - Noodles with Attitude!

Eating out in Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide – Noodles with Attitude!

Eating Out In Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide! – Noodles with Attitude!


Welcome to our latest article on Eating out in Cairns!


One of the fundamental enjoyments of traveling is unquestionably stuffing our mouths with great food, right?


Well, maybe not necessarily stuffing, but tasting the exotic flavor’s of a foreign country is definitely pertinent to gaining a deeper insight to the everyday lives of locals.


Here, we are going to try to discuss the question:


“Is the local food being served in Cairns a true representation of the local people?”


Arriving – As weary travelers stumbling into a new town or city, we observe new smells, colors, people and weather conditions. Cairns has a thick, heavy and humid climate, especially in Summer. You will most definitely feel this as soon as you step off the plane!


With backpacks laden and all the comforts of home inside, the traveler dodges the throngs of people hustling and bustling their way out of the airport.


Now to find the hotel, you flag down a taxi or take off on an airport shuttle. Eventually, you arrive at your new home! Now, that wasn’t too hard, wasn’t it?!


Firstly, take the weight off your shoulders and store your bags. You’ve now arrived at your eco-luxury tropical escape! Well, maybe not quite that luxurious, but you will be able to at least call it home for the next few days!


It’s right about at this point in time I find the belly starts to rumble! For me this is where the real fun begins! Eating!


Exploring any new city or town is an absolute joy, new streets, architecture, buildings, different people, faces, language, fashion, cars, motorbikes and for me, the main event ….food!


As mentioned before, I always ask the question; is the local food a representation of the local people? From my experience, I would have to say yes!


No trip to Paris would be complete without a freshly baked croissant from the local Boulangerie, would it? Certain foods most definitely represent the local inhabitants, don’t you think?


A fantastic example of food representing people is right here in Cairns. This little city is one of my favorite eating cities in the world. Well actually I’am a little biased, mainly because I live here!


We have a huge variety of international cuisines and multicultural flavors right on our door step! Firstly, just take a walk down to our famous local fresh fruits and vegetables market, Rusty’s Markets Cairns! Here you will find all walks of life and more importantly all the flavors of the world! Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings!


How did we arrive at this multicultural food revolution you may ask? Well it wasn’t as strenuous as Che Guevara’s struggle’s to freedom in South America.


A lot of it has to do with the International flight connections that come in and out of Cairns from our neighboring countries! Also, the work forces required to service the ever growing Cairns Tourism Industry!


The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!

The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!

The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!


When Garlic and Ramon noodles collide there is only one Japanese restaurant like it … the Sensei of Japanese Ramon in Cairns – Gumbarumba Ramon Noodles Cairns on Spence Street. Ramon noodles to die for at a fantastic price. With awesome service, try their hot cooked Gyoza’s & soy sauce, I promise you wont be disappointed.


Next on the Cairns street food trail is Ocha Cha Japanese Restaurant Cairns , upstairs behind the old defunct Blue Sky brewery on Lake Street. This is a local secret, a little golden gem, hidden far from view. Don’t blink or you will miss it! Beautiful set menus at an excellent price, this really feels like you’re in Tokyo!


No traveling adventure to Cairns would be complete without a visit to one of the very best Korean Restaurants in Cairns – Corea Corea Restaurant Cairns , upstairs at Orchid Plaza in the heart of the city! Fantastic speedy service, amazing hot rock BBQ Beef bowls with tantalizing chili and garlic flavors! You really should try the Beef Rib Soup! Get in early as it gets very busy here!


There are many more food institutions in Cairns worth their wait in Gold, these include the finer dining restaurants of Barnacle Bills Seafood Restaurant , one of Cairns local favorites. Also you cannot go paste the beautiful Dundee’s Restaurant on the Cairns Esplanade, complete with spectacular harbor views and a delicious variety of wines!


So, going back to my theory; does a food represent the local culture? I mentioned a bunch of beautiful Japanese and Korean restaurants, so does that mean we have a lot of Japanese and Korean people living here in Cairns?


Well the answer is yes! Due to direct air access and the large tourism industry that operates here in Cairns, many tourism companies employ foreign speakers to deal with the large volumes international tourists that visit the region. Cairns is also very popular for International students studying English at one of the many Cairns English Language schools.


Read our recent article on how Cairns is voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!


With direct flights from Tokyo and Osaka to Cairns on Jetstar Airways up to 3 days per week and at just 7 hours to get here, it’s no wonder we have fantastic international restaurants right on our door step.


It’s so nice to be able to walk the streets of Cairns and with a little local knowledge pick a restaurant based on your taste buds desires!


Eat well my traveling buddies, try one of the many restaurants mentioned above. You wont be disappointed, especially now you know where to go!


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Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!
Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015! Photo – Clint Carroll

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!


It’s a harsh tropical winter this year, just 28 degrees, imagine skies of deep blue, warm golden rays from the sun, smell the warm salty air. That doesn’t sound like a cold nasty wet winter! Nope that’s a winter in the tropics, North Queensland style mate!


Not just cold 4X beer, sausages on the BBQ, and maybe a few flies hindering your lunch! Although the cold beer and snags are a great way to spend a day at the beach! Welcome to the modern cosmopolitan city of Cairns!


This once sleepy little town has morphed into one of the leading tourism destinations of Australia! Wow, how did that happen? Hard work, long hours, years of marketing and clearly 2 distinct World Heritage Listed National Parks standing side by side! Welcome to the Kingdom of Nature!


Trip Advisor for 2015 has pinned Cairns as the 4th leading tourism destination out of there top 10 destinations to visit in Australia! Wow fantastic and what an achievement! Click Here


Well it’s the people’s choice it seems! I don’t know any of the fundamental details of how Trip Advisor calculates its rating algorithms, but I’m guessing the results are user generated! The travelers have spoken!


I’m also convinced it has something to do with the largest living organism in the world …… The Great Barrier Reef! No not the one Greenpeace and Government agencies have all been squabbling about, we are talking about the real deal!


Understandably there will always be confusion in the marketing and public perception of a destination in the eye’s of the media, also the people who will use it for there own advantages and causes. But we will leave all that up to the politics of the conglomerates to battle out.


I’m more interested in sharing with you my first hand experiences of what possibly are the top 3 things to see and do in this beautiful little city called Cairns, located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.


As the only Northern city in Queensland to have an international airport with direct flights from China, Japan, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. Cairns must have something going for it!


Alas welcome to what is more commonly know by many people around the world as the Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef! Now this is a controversial issue, but I only ask people to look at local marine charts. How far is it from Cairns to Green Island? or should I say the mainland to Green Island. Google has a great measuring tool – Google Maps


Cairns steeped with a strong tourism background, created from a handful of young, inspirational adventurers in the late 70’s and 80’s. These people pioneered what the city is today, one of the leading tourism destination in Australia. Wow that’s an achievement!


Lets talk about the top 3 things to see and do in Cairns.


01 – Visit The Great Barrier Reef

Well you guessed it, Visit the Great Barrier Reef! This is the absolute must do and the fundamental reason Cairns is what it is today. Try snorkelling or scuba diving from one of the many day reef tour operators. They are all fantastic with great customer service and all have a variety of different reef sites to choose from. My only advice, just get out there and enjoy it! See it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


02 – Visit Kuranda Village by Train & Skyrail

Visit the quaint little village of Kuranda, a true original little hippie town, now re-incarnated as more of an ecologically functioning eco village in the rainforest. Beautiful markets, gardens, art studios and fantastic food, the French Crepes are to die for! Go Le Petit Cafe Creperie!


Kuranda village is to be accessed by the historic Kuranda Scenic Train. Enjoy fantastic views on the 1hour 15min journey. This is a hand built railway line traversing thru Barron George National Park. After your visit to Kuranda village, enjoy another round of scenic views returning on the scenic Skyrail, a rainforest cable car system that meanders all the way back down the Great Dividing Range.


03 – Visit Cape Tribulation National Park

Visit Cape Tribulation National Park, grab a car and drive yourself North of Cairns. Venture off into this thick tropical Northern jungle. Think Jurassic park but without the living breathing dinosaurs! Although the Rainforest is home to many pre-historic trees and plants.


Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park also seem to be one of Sir David Attenborough’s favourite tropical rainforest locations in the whole world. At least that’s what he told Jonathan Ross from the BBC’s The Jonathan Ross Show, see the YouTube video Click Here.


Imagine thick tropical jungle, the Daintree River full of wild ankle biting saltwater crocodiles and of course the beautiful Cape Tribulation beach, a photographer’s paradise!


With the top 3 basics covered you can rest easy knowing you have only just scratched the surface of what can be found in and around this little Great Barrier Reef city.


Hopefully we have inspired you to dig a little deeper and find out why Cairns would be voted 4th in the Trip Advisors top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia 2015!


Struth mate! Grab a coldie and stock up the Barbie! Is it 5’Oclock yet!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

Mitch & Clint – Talk Snorkeling & Diving The Great Barrier Reef

VIDEO – FREE helpful tips on choosing a snorkel or dive tour in Cairns & Port Douglas! With Clint Carroll & Mitch Callander

Mitch & Clint – Talk Snorkeling & Diving The Great Barrier Reef

With the Great Barrier Reef being on top of most people’s bucket list. Mitch Calendar and myself decided we should try and attempt a little conversational style video. We wanted to try and help people figure out how to choose the very best day tour to The Great Barrier Reef from either Cairns or Port Douglas in Australia.


Most of our conversations always start out with can you swim? This might sound like a funny question, but in this modern day of 2015 there are still many people in the world who do not swim. We have found this is mainly due to most people’s location to the ocean. For example if you live in the middle of a large country often hundreds of miles away from the sea, we find that allot of people don’t actually swim very much! Makes sense right!


Another question we commonly get is, which is the best reef to visit? Now the only way to honestly answer this is, you have to go and visit the reef many times! At just over 2800klm long and roughly 45/50klm wide. The Great Barrier Reef is made up of thousands of smaller reef systems that all vary in shape, size, coral growth and fish species.


Ad to the equation different times of the year and weather patterns, you really just have to get out there as much as possible to try and gain a solid understanding of what this giant living organism is. At just over 400 dives myself I’m still finding new species of fish and corals that I have never seen before. I don’t tell people this to boast, but to let you know that even after hundreds of hours of diving on the Great Barrier Reef you will still be finding new species of fish and coral.


Extending up from the Southern end of the reef down near Bundaberg right the way up to the Northern end at the tip of Cape York and beyond. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on the planet.


So with this in mind, if you have 5 minutes spare, actually its about 6 minutes watch our little informative dive travel video. We have tried to cover the main options you should think about when trying to choose a Great Barrier Reef tour from either Cairns or Port Douglas in Australia. We hope you find something useful!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

Spectacular TUFI Resort Diving – Papua New Guinea

Spectacular TUFI Resort Diving - Papua New Guinea

All Photos © Copyright Clint Carroll – 2015

A place that is very close to my heart is a small little village called TUFI in Papua New Guinea. A small remote village community located on the Eastern side of Papua New Guinea, only a 45min flight from the Capital Port Moresby. TUFI has about 2000 local people living in the surrounding rain-forest covered mountains and fjords.

TUFI is located on the edge of the only fjords found in Papua New Guinea, they offer spectacular views when arriving by Dash-8 Aeroplane from Port Moresby.

This was my 5th visit to TUFI over the years and an absolutely fantastic experience each and every single time.

I had the opportunity to Dive TUFI’s spectacular Fjords looking for all sorts of little critters like blue ringed octopus, nudibranchs, mandarine fish and ghost pipe fish.

With fantastic diving in the Fjords and calm blue seas we headed out to the very outer reef systems from TUFI. Located just over 45 min from TUFI we experienced spectacular wall diving on Mullaway and Cyclone Reefs.

A little closer to shore Honeymoon and Stuarts Reefs where definitely some of the highlights with spectacular coral growth and thousands of fish on the front walls of the reefs.

The local people of TUFI will welcome you with the word Oro! As you venture deep into the jungle inland of McClaren Harbor, the next Fjord North from TUFI. You really get a sense of what it is like to witness a traditional sago making ceremony.

All the children will yell Oro! Oro! Oro! with big smiles and bright colored traditional tribal dress, you are now in TUFI country. Sago is a traditional food made from the local palm trees, a soft white type of dough is made and then cooked with a brisk burning dry palm leaf to create a cooked damper or scone like bread.

Thousands of years have passed creating time honored traditions, taught and handed down from generation to generation.

Together as a community TUFI has the ability to transform your traveling experience. A step back in time to a pristine natural environment, a calmness to settle your mind. A chance to experience amazing natural beauty and perhaps remind you of what life was like on this earth thousands of years ago.

The ultimate way to stay at TUFI is at the only resort in the area TUFI Resort. You can take an Airlines PNG Flight from Port Moresby a 45 minute flight on either a Monday / Wednesday or Friday.

The Resort has modern private en-suite rooms, tea coffee making facilities, they include all meals and is a great place to base yourself for 5 to 7 days of exploring the TUFI region.

Divers have an untouched diving paradise right at the doorsteps to TUFI. Hikers have beautiful walking trails thru small villages along the Fjiords. Birdwatchers have walking trails and boat cruises in the Fjords to look for Wild Papuan Hornbills, Varieties of Kingfisher, Black Palm Cockatoos and the famous Birds of Paradise when you head up into the nearby mountains.

Fisherman are also welcome and can charter a fully rigged fishing boat. Visiting the far northern and southern reefs that are well away from the resorts diving reefs.

For the ultimate cultural experience you can stay at a local village guest house, this will be a once in a life time experience to live with a local family for a night or two. Try local foods and gain an intimate working knowledge of life in the village.

Welcome to the last final frontier, TUFI in Papua New Guinea, Oro Oro Oro!

To find out more please visit – Flights can be booked thru –

Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.

This weekend Cairns waterfront!

So its Friday afternoon here in Cairns, the gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef. Located in the North Eastern part of Australia, commonly known as Far North Queensland.

Friday afternoon conjures up great feelings of yahoo! its the end of the week and no more work! Also for visiting tourists that are lucky enough to be here in May, Cairns delivers the first fresh breezes to start the Winter in the tropics.

Now winter here in the topics is definitely not snow, ice or hale storms, it delivers beautiful south easterly breezes and deep aqua blue skies!

Walking around the Cairns Esplanade this afternoon we grab a few shots of the start of winter in our Great Barrier Reef city Cairns, Australia.

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