Scenic Reef Flights Cairns

Scenic Reef Flights Cairns

Scenic Reef Flights Cairns will give you amazing views of the reef systems here in Cairns from the sky. Traveling at just over 800ft the altitude is just perfect for spotting giant turtles, sting rays, sharks and if your lucky the rare giant dugong.

The Great Barrier Reef is huge, around 2800km to be a little more exact, and people only really get to experience it by day boat snorkeling or diving, which is still a fantastic way to see it, but there is another way to see how enormously large this reef systems is, and that is by Air on a scenic flight.

Now Cairns has a few options for viewing the reef by air and one of the most convenient and accessible is by Helicopter. Highly versatile and maneuverable the Helicopter is the perfect machine for taking off and landing in tight spots like floating platforms and small helipads.

So it is quite easy to organize a 10-min heli flight while you are out visiting the reef on one of the many floating platform tour operators day vessels. GBR Helicopters is one of the main companies that offer many Heli Scenic Flight options and are very professional in all that they do.

Nautalis Aviation is also another company starting to bustle its way into the Scenic Reef Flights Cairns market. They have a beautiful big red Eurocopter that is the flagship of there fleet.

Another way to see it is by small aero plane, these are usually much cheaper than a helicopter, keep in mind thou they cannot land at a pontoon or island so they are usually a 30min flight from the mainland out over the reef.

Either way by Small Aero Plane or Helicopter if you can work it into your budget and the weather is looking fine, get yourself out on a Scenic Reef Flight Cairns, you will find the experience unforgettable.