Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015! Photo – Clint Carroll

Cairns, voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!


It’s a harsh tropical winter this year, just 28 degrees, imagine skies of deep blue, warm golden rays from the sun, smell the warm salty air. That doesn’t sound like a cold nasty wet winter! Nope that’s a winter in the tropics, North Queensland style mate!


Not just cold 4X beer, sausages on the BBQ, and maybe a few flies hindering your lunch! Although the cold beer and snags are a great way to spend a day at the beach! Welcome to the modern cosmopolitan city of Cairns!


This once sleepy little town has morphed into one of the leading tourism destinations of Australia! Wow, how did that happen? Hard work, long hours, years of marketing and clearly 2 distinct World Heritage Listed National Parks standing side by side! Welcome to the Kingdom of Nature!


Trip Advisor for 2015 has pinned Cairns as the 4th leading tourism destination out of there top 10 destinations to visit in Australia! Wow fantastic and what an achievement! Click Here


Well it’s the people’s choice it seems! I don’t know any of the fundamental details of how Trip Advisor calculates its rating algorithms, but I’m guessing the results are user generated! The travelers have spoken!


I’m also convinced it has something to do with the largest living organism in the world …… The Great Barrier Reef! No not the one Greenpeace and Government agencies have all been squabbling about, we are talking about the real deal!


Understandably there will always be confusion in the marketing and public perception of a destination in the eye’s of the media, also the people who will use it for there own advantages and causes. But we will leave all that up to the politics of the conglomerates to battle out.


I’m more interested in sharing with you my first hand experiences of what possibly are the top 3 things to see and do in this beautiful little city called Cairns, located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.


As the only Northern city in Queensland to have an international airport with direct flights from China, Japan, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. Cairns must have something going for it!


Alas welcome to what is more commonly know by many people around the world as the Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef! Now this is a controversial issue, but I only ask people to look at local marine charts. How far is it from Cairns to Green Island? or should I say the mainland to Green Island. Google has a great measuring tool – Google Maps


Cairns steeped with a strong tourism background, created from a handful of young, inspirational adventurers in the late 70’s and 80’s. These people pioneered what the city is today, one of the leading tourism destination in Australia. Wow that’s an achievement!


Lets talk about the top 3 things to see and do in Cairns.


01 – Visit The Great Barrier Reef

Well you guessed it, Visit the Great Barrier Reef! This is the absolute must do and the fundamental reason Cairns is what it is today. Try snorkelling or scuba diving from one of the many day reef tour operators. They are all fantastic with great customer service and all have a variety of different reef sites to choose from. My only advice, just get out there and enjoy it! See it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


02 – Visit Kuranda Village by Train & Skyrail

Visit the quaint little village of Kuranda, a true original little hippie town, now re-incarnated as more of an ecologically functioning eco village in the rainforest. Beautiful markets, gardens, art studios and fantastic food, the French Crepes are to die for! Go Le Petit Cafe Creperie!


Kuranda village is to be accessed by the historic Kuranda Scenic Train. Enjoy fantastic views on the 1hour 15min journey. This is a hand built railway line traversing thru Barron George National Park. After your visit to Kuranda village, enjoy another round of scenic views returning on the scenic Skyrail, a rainforest cable car system that meanders all the way back down the Great Dividing Range.


03 – Visit Cape Tribulation National Park

Visit Cape Tribulation National Park, grab a car and drive yourself North of Cairns. Venture off into this thick tropical Northern jungle. Think Jurassic park but without the living breathing dinosaurs! Although the Rainforest is home to many pre-historic trees and plants.


Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park also seem to be one of Sir David Attenborough’s favourite tropical rainforest locations in the whole world. At least that’s what he told Jonathan Ross from the BBC’s The Jonathan Ross Show, see the YouTube video Click Here.


Imagine thick tropical jungle, the Daintree River full of wild ankle biting saltwater crocodiles and of course the beautiful Cape Tribulation beach, a photographer’s paradise!


With the top 3 basics covered you can rest easy knowing you have only just scratched the surface of what can be found in and around this little Great Barrier Reef city.


Hopefully we have inspired you to dig a little deeper and find out why Cairns would be voted 4th in the Trip Advisors top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia 2015!


Struth mate! Grab a coldie and stock up the Barbie! Is it 5’Oclock yet!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.