Amazing Weather Conditions for MAY 2015

Weather Conditions for MAY 2015

Weather Conditions for MAY 2015

Wow, we are in for a treat at the moment, the weather has been absolutely stunning this past week in Cairns.

As the quiet time of the year, the visitors that are here in Cairns have the absolute luxury of experiencing Cairns with no crowds, the reef boats are traveling half full and the weather is just stunning.

One of the best times of the year to be here in Cairns before the school holidays, the amazing weather and no crowds. May gives the traveler the perfect climate for relaxing and unwinding on the tropical sunshine.

Christmas Holiday Travels in Cairns, Australia.

Cairns Esplanade Australia

Cairns Esplanade Australia

We have just had Black Friday and the crazy sales that continue of Cyber Monday and now its time to plan that Christmas break with family. Or maybe not, maybe you have decided this year Christmas will be a holiday away from home in the warm tropics of Far North Queensland, welcome to Cairns Australia.

As the dust settles from this huge retail weekend in North America and now like in Europe, Australians are starting to catch onto these amazing deals from all sorts of business around the world. So the credit card has taken a little bit of a hiding but hang in there, deals still can be had when you want to choose a short break or holiday in Far North Queensland.

Number one fly and flop, this term was devised for those wanting a short break on a low budget traveling with some of the amazing deals that have just blasted out from our Australian low cost carriers, Jetstar and Tiger Air.

Now that you have your cheap airfair what about accommodation? Well with a plethora of hotel accommodation booking sites out there find a great deal on Wotif, Agoda, Expeida, and even So flights sorted: check, Hotel sorted: check! Now its time to plan the fun stuff, what to do while on vacation up in Cairns. Well the first thing to do is grab your lonely planet guide on Australia and flick to the section Cairns, here you will a multitude of things to see and do in this amazing part of the world.

Number one Cairns is all about the outdoors so get the sunscreen, hat and sunnies and get ready for blue skies, sunshine, warm tropical water and a chance to visit The Great Barrier Reef.

Don’t worry Cairns has a plethora of ice-cream shops and gelattie shops to get thru the hot sultry sunny days relaxing by your resort pool or island resort. Enjoy a night out in Cairns city visiting one of the many bars and late night cafe / restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisine including allot of Korean, Japanese and Chinese foods.

No stop to Cairns is complete without a visit to the nightly Cairns Esplanade Night Markets and more importantly the Friday / Saturday / Sunday local Rustys markets. An institution here in Cairns and a definite must visit for food and coffee lovers.

So leave the hustle and bustle of the big cities behind, tell the family your going to enjoy your own time on a tropical Christmas Holiday in Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef Australia.

Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Cairns Video

Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Cairns Video

Diving on The Great Barrier Reef Australia – We just finished filming with our GoPro2 and underwater red lens filter. Spending the day diving on the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful experience, so many fish, colors and beautiful clear blue water.

We have created a small Scuba Dive video of our day spent with day reef tour company Silverswift Cruises. A tour boat that departs from Cairns in North Queensland. Departing Cairns at 8:30am in the morning it took approx 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive at Flynn Reef. This is a beautiful reef structure of about 6 klm in circumference with an abundance of marine life living in this aquatic environment.

There are beautiful coral gardens up in the shallows, these must be really well protected for the coral growth is absolutely outstanding to say the least. Amazing bright colors, strong growth in all the different species and an abundance of reef fish, we even caught a glimpse of a nice little white tip reef shark.

Water temperature was about 23 degrees Celsius which is normal for September these are the winter months up here in Northern Australia. So a 3mm wet-suit with a shark skin is generally all you need for some nice comfortable diving.

Diving The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a joy most people will only get to try once or twice, so if you are coming to Australia do yourself a favor come on up to Cairns and head on out to The Great Barrier Reef, see it with your own eyes, the only way to really get an idea of how big and amazing the world’s largest reef system really is.

If you have time check out Diving The Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Video Cairns, we hope it will inspire you to come and film your own Great Barrier Reef diving video.

Diving at Coral Gardens near Michaelmas Cay

Diving at Coral Gardens near Michaelmas Cay

Diving at Coral Gardens near Michaelmas Cay last Saturday was a joy I had not experienced for a very ling time. My thoughts of Michaelmas Cay where of a beautiful white sandy cay out in the middle of The Great Barrier Reef. There were always allot of seabirds using Michaelmas Cay as there home, it is in fact a major breading ground for an array of wild sea and ocean dwelling birds.

Lying on the soft beautiful white sand, soaking up the North Queensland sun I realized I live in an amazing part of the world. I could be a hundred miles from anywhere with land nowhere to been seen as far as the eye can see. Maybe now I know what Tom Hanks felt like in his epic movie Castaway, a story about of a passenger that survived a plane crash and was standard on a Barron Island in the middle of no where. Well I think the movie was suppose to be depicted in some part of the Pacific Ocean but I will use my imagination and call this island Michaelmas Cay.

So after an hour or two drifting in and out of a dazed sleepy somber I was awaken by the dive crew who asked me to come and join them on scuba dive with the dive crew. As I love diving I jumped at the opportunity, we geared up tanks, weights, BCD’s and took of in the dive tender. After about a 15min boat ride to  maybe 300 / 400 meters away from Michaelmas Cay we all checked our dive buddies and backward summer salted into the water.

Now thinking we are still reasonably close to the cay I didn’t expect to much in the way of visibility and marine life. But wow after turning the first corner and slowly descending to about 14 meters we came across a beautiful school of yellow tail just relaxing in the warm water hiding in the shadows from the afternoon sun. I had my GoPro2 with my red back-scatter lens on and was able to capture a great little moment under the sea. I will definitely be heading back out to Michaelmas Cay again, not only to soak up the beautiful sunshine and clear tropical waters but to enjoy some absolutely amazing diving just 300/400 meters from the beach.

Cairns City Helicopter Flight

A fantastic way to explore any city is by air, flying in the very latest EC130 Eurocopter operated by Nautalis Aviation in Cairns. Friday afternoon the weather settled in and at around 4:30pm we took off for a large right hand turn heading South / South West out of Cairns Airport towards the downtown part of The Cairns City Centre.

Taking a Cairns City Helicopter Flight we were able to get a birds eye view of Cairns city heading south west towards Copperlode Dam and then a large turn to the West of Mount Whitfield over the Barron River near Kamerunga and then North East again back towards the airport with views out over to the Aquis Casino development site, before landing again back at the Nautalis Aviation Hanger.

An Extremely smooth ride, feels like your in a large floating luxury style car cruising along at around 100kph. Large windows in all directions offers a fantastic view for all passengers. The Eurocopter EC130 must have excellent sounds proofing material because it was very quite on the inside and everyone could speak comfortably without having to raise your voice to be heard over the Turbine Engine.

It was great to get a birds eye view of the Aquis proposal site too really shows how open the Northern part of Cairns is with large cane paddocks in every direction. I guess most of this area is flood prone so this has restricted development other then planting sugar cane. If you get a chance you should try a Cairns City Helicopter Flight will really give you a birds eye view of beautiful Cairns and surrounding areas.


Angelfish On The Great Barrier Reef

Regal Angel-Fish

Angelfish On The Great Barrier Reef.

Angelfish are well known for their brilliant colors and striking patterns. The smaller species form harems consisting of a male and up to five females with sex reversal of the dominant female occurring within about 3 weeks if the male is lost or dies. Larger species are generally found in pairs, they may bond strongly and occupy the same reef site for many years. The pairs will defend their territory from intruders, dashing from one shelter to another and emitting an audible grunting sound to warn their partner and put the intruder on notice to leave. The Regal Angelfish has large yellow stripes outlined with dark blue and then large white stripes painted vertically on the sides of their bodies. The dorsal and bottom fin tend to have orange stripes with blue highlights.

Some species of Angel fish feed on zoo plankton, a microscopic plankton that is difficult to see with the human eye but made up of small transparent invertebrates and algae. Many different species can be found on The Great Barrier Reef species like the Bicolor Angel Fish half yellow half blue fish kind of cut in half by its own colors. There is also the Emperor Angelfish with long vertical blue and yellow stripes from head to tail. Last but not least is the Rabbitfish, why do they call it the rabbit fish, well mainly because of its rabbit like snout and large eyeballs, typically Rabbit fish live on shallow reef crests, lagoons and tidal flats where they typically graze on algae, sea grass, sponges and tunicates. Rabbit fish have venomous fin spines which can cause a very painful wound if you find yourself jabbed by one. In general when snorkeling or spending time out on the reef use the rule – “Don’t touch anything”. If you spend your time abiding by this rule then it is very unlikely you will run into any trouble with the local marine life on The Great Barrier Reef.

If you would like to find out more on how to get to The Great Barrier Reef contact Cairns Tours Advice & Booking Center, a small travel agency based in Cairns, Australia, helping people book and find reef trips to The Great Barrier Reef from both Cairns or Port Douglas.

Cairns – Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns – Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is a beautiful little city located on the North East Coast of Australia. We have a population of about 140,000 people and the main business conducted here is related to Tourism. Once a sleepy little industrial port, Cairns soon became the center for reef tourism here in Australia. The close proximity of The Great Barrier Reef itself, located only 26km from Cairns, makes this little town the place to be to visit the largest reef system on the planet.

Since the 1980’s, Cairns has cemented itself as the principal center for reef tourism in Australia. With over 45 reef tour companies operating from both Cairns & Port Douglas, it is easy to see why Cairns is the best place to visit The Great Barrier Reef. The close proximity of the Outer Barrier Reef (only 55km from the coast here) is what sets Cairns apart from all other destinations on the East Coast of Australia claiming to have access to the reef.

Cairns IS The Main Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef! Why?

Cairns Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef

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I had a quick look at what Reality means on Wikipedia – Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still more broad definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist.

Our small city itself also brims with life and energy. Cairns Esplanade and Shields Street are the main walking paths in and around the ‘downtown’ part of Cairns. You will find many fantastic little coffee shop/cafes and restaurants located here and in my opinion two of the top restaurants in Cairns are Barnacle Bills Seafood Restaurant and Dundees on the Waterfront (there are many more, but these two definitely stand out).

By evening, you will find the many bars full of local and international travelers, mingling and enjoying the sultry warm air and outdoor lifestyle. The Salthouse bar/restaurant is a hot spot for a nice glass of wine or beer, located out on the marina overlooking all the giant super yachts that Moor in Cairns.

More recently, Cairns hosted Australia’s largest annual travel show – The Australian Tourism Exchange 2014, which attracted the top wholesale travel buyers and sellers from Europe, The US and Asia. Cairns city is easy to walk around and within one full day you will have sorted  out your orientation of this beautiful little tropical city.

The local Cairns City Council have created a fantastic little video to show case our sister city relationships and I think it has really captured the essence of Cairns. I have included the link above.

What do you think? Is Cairns The Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef?

Have your say below place your comment.

Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia

Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia

An exciting new way to explore the region to the north, near the famous little rainforest village of Kuranda, has now hit the scene in Cairns!

Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia is located about 40 mins drive from downtown Cairns, towards the western part of Kuranda, where the landscape opens up towards the tablelands region, with the beautiful little town of Atherton lying further to the south.

Local tour company, ‘International Coaches & Tours’ operate ‘H1 – American Hummer Night Tours’ – Cairns Australia. So, for those who are adventurous at heart and also want to see some amazing wildlife at the same time,  check it out!

A thrilling ride through the bush, scrub and rainforest (complete with jumps and mud holes) will have you hanging on for your life. However, rest assured that the local driver guides know their stuff, so sit back and enjoy this thrilling new night tour!

‘Hummer Night Tours – Cairns Australia’ start at around 6:30pm. They will collect you from your hotel and take you up to their adventure park where you will experience all the excitement of riding in an American H1 – Hummer, enjoy a real Aussie style BBQ dinner, before visiting Granite Gorge to hand feed the local rock wallabies.

For a really great way to experience the real Australian bush at night book your Hummer Night Tours Cairns and have a fantastic fun-filled evening!

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