Great Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Flights Cairns – Nautilus Aviation

Scenic Helicopter Flights Cairns – Nautilus Aviation

Hey guys, back from another amazing adventure! The weather has been absolutely amazing recently, considering the monsoon (rainy) season has already started. We have  been having fantastic conditions to get outdoors, with amazing sunny days, blue skies and a light sea breeze.

I love flying, so when I was given the opportunity to enjoy a 30 minute scenic helicopter flight over The Great Barrier Reef here in Cairns with Nautilus Aviation, I grabbed it with both hands.

It was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon on an amazing day about 2 weeks ago and we had a full flight with a couple from Brazil, our pilot and of course, me (fatty). Even with my extra weight on board, we were still able to take off! So, just remember that whenever you take a helicopter flight, as in all areas of aviation, they will weigh you so that they can adjust the fuel to weight ratio.

After about 15 minutes on the ground going through the safety procedures, we all jumped into our little ‘rocket ship’, an R44 Helicopter. These little beasts are very maneuverable, and can also bounce around like a car going over pot holes! This all just adds to the excitement of flying around at just over 500 feet above sea level.

Now, we all know that the Great Barrier Reef is BIG, as everybody is always blabbering on about how it can be seen from space. I do have to say that it’s not until you get up there and look down to see the vastness of this amazing living, breathing organism that you start to get an idea of how expansive it actually is.

This natural 7th natural wonder of the world never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and abundance of colors. As the reef stretches out as far as the eye can see, you realize that it’s size can only really be truly appreciated viewed from the air.

So, if its within your budget when you’re here visiting Cairns, I recommend you to definitely see the guys at Nautilus Aviation and let them rock your world with an amazing 30 min Scenic Reef Flight. You won’t be disappointed!

An amzing way to see the Great Barrier Reef Book your – Scenic Helicopter Flights Cairns

Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef

Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef

Thursday night was a rainy, slightly sultry evening with a little bit of wind, so our hopes weren’t high as we jumped on board TUSA T6 to head out for this yearly event’s night of diving.

It wasn’t until we descended to a depth of about 13 meters that the action started. We were viewing schools of smaller fish, scurrying around looking for cover from larger predator fish like Giant Trevally and Red Bass, until we encountered our first sitting of coral spawning. The brain coral seemed to start the show off with a milky, smokey haze emitting from their hard outer crusts.

This was my second time to witness coral spawning Great Barrier Reef style, so I had a few ideas of what would happen on our dive.  Drifting with the light current in slightly deeper waters, we hit the jackpot with 3 Moray Eels nestled in their hiding holes waiting for dinner to drift by.

The second Moray Eel was actually the biggest one I have ever seen in all my years of diving, an amazing big head and body with one sole cleaner shrimp hanging around for the scraps of any prey the Eel may have snapped up.  She seemed surprisingly relaxed, so we were able to get very close to this amazing species while she allowed us film her and enjoy that moment.

This was all on the first dive, so we were pretty stoked when we returned to the boat to receive our hot dinner! The second dive was also a beautiful dive and although there wasn’t as much action as the first, it was a nice way to finish off our night diving  for this year’s coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

Green Island Cairns

Green Island Cairns

Would you like a day to relax and soak up the sun, beautiful beaches, rain forest and also view a great variety of marine life? You can visit Green Island, Cairns on either a full or half day tour. The Island itself is the closest point of the Great Barrier Reef to the mainland, located just 26 km from Cairns and ferries run to and from the island 3 times per day.

A fast way to get out to Green Island is with the company Big Cat, who have a smaller fast boat called Reef Rocket. This boat only takes about 45-minutes to reach Green Island from Cairns.

Big Cat have a half day package which includes your choice of snorkeling equipment or glass bottom boat and a Semi-Submarine Cruise.  For those who haven’t been before, Semi-Submarines are a boat with a very deep hull that has  large windows designed for viewing the reef, fish and surrounding marine life.

Some people call Green Island “touristy”… and to some extent it is a little bit. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that there is a surprising amount of marine life directly underneath the jetty! With just this short swim off the beach, you can find yourself snorkeling in an abundance of marine life in no time at all, with large schools of fish hanging around, enjoying the beautiful warm waters and shade from the jetty.

So, for a nice ‘beach style’ day, with crystal clear blue water, great marine life and modern amenities, Green Island is a great way to get your feet wet without spending too much money and still having a relaxed, enjoyable day.

If you would like to book a trip to Green Island, visit Cairns Tours Advice & Booking Center. They can help book your Green Island Cairns Tour.

Diving Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Diving Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Diving in Cairns The Great Barrier Reef

Diving: Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Have you been diving for a while and are looking for a dive holiday with something just that little bit different? Why not take the option of diving from Cairns’ Outer Ribbon Reefs and beyond, while also Diving on the Eastern Bays of Papua New Guinea?

Local Cairns dive tour booking agency Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Center have put together custom dive itineraries for diving in Cairns, The Cod Hole, Osprey Reef and Papua New Guinea.

Start your Cairns Diving expedition boarding a 5-day live aboard vessel from Cairns. The live aboard will take you to the Outer Ribbon Reefs, Lizard Island, The Cod Hole and Osprey Reef.

Experience some of the best diving in Australia drifting past 1000 meter walls at the amazing Osprey Reef. Most expeditions also include a controlled shark feeding that really gets you close to many species of reef and blue water sharks.

Most expeditions finish with a scenic flight from Lizard island an altitude of just over 800 feet above sea level (in order to keep divers safe). This concludes your Cairns diving component of the tour.

After taking a day to relax, you take a short 1 hour 45 minute flight to Papua New Guinea, relax have some lunch, while taking an afternoon flight to TUFI Resort.

At TUFI Resort, you will spend 5 nights of world class muck diving under the jetty at the house reefs, or diving the outer reef walls with mild currents, schooling barracuda, hammerhead sharks and an array of amazing bio diversity.

TUFI Resort is part of the Coral Triangle in Papua New Guinea and is recognized as some of the most pristine diving in the world. The eastern side of PNG is rarely visited by ‘outsiders’ and boasts some of the most remote diving locations in the world.

For more information please visit: Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Centre

Cairns Reef Tours! Gosh! Which one to choose?!

Cairns Reef Tours

Choose your Cairns Reef Tours

Cairns Reef Tours – What should I Choose?

Have you been thinking about taking a short trip to Cairns for a few days? If so, I’m guessing you have probably been searching the web endlessly for some ideas on what to do up here, right?

If you have spent anytime on Google researching, then you have probably been overwhelmed by the amount of information and tours available regarding Cairns Reef Tours.

Cairns is the principle location for Reef Tourism here in Australia. With it’s close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, only 26km off shore, Cairns is the ideal location for a trip to the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

Now, the problem is… where do you start?

I firstly ask people what they want out of their day, and other simple questions, like can they swim? If their answer is no, then they should choose a reef company that has a floating pontoon. Floating pontoons are large platforms that have lots of facilities that can get you up close to the reef without even getting wet. Semi-submarines, Glass Bottom Boats and Underwater Observatories are a few of the things that you will find on most pontoon locations. This is the perfect starting point for people who do not wish to get into the water too much, or if you have young children, are a family or an elderly couple.

Most modern platform operators from Cairns start at around 9am and return at around 5pm. They offer full buffet lunches, morning & afternoon tea, snorkeling and all the other amenities mentioned above. So, for a fun, safe way to visit the reef if you have children or people who can’t swim, choose any company that has a platform.

I hope this piece of information will help you to decide on your Cairns reef tour. If you still need some true local advice about the trips available, then head on over to these guys for some friendly helpful advice: Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Center

In the next edition, I will talk about dive boats and fast high speed snorkel boats and the  services they provide.

Have a great vacation!

The Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia.

Scuba Diving Film Cairns

Scuba Diving Film Cairns

I have been working on Scuba Diving Film Cairns, they take a lot of time and effort to create, and this little film about The Great Barrier Reef was filmed in Cairns & Port Douglas.

It has taken me over 6 months to prepare, collect and edit as much underwater footage from all my diving trips here in Cairns & Port Douglas as possible.

Luckily, I was able to capture some fantastic footage while diving with 3 different boat companies out of Cairns & Port Douglas. The closest point of the Great Barrier Reef is at Green Island, only 26 km from Cairns.

The majority of my Scuba Diving Films are shot at The Agincourt Ribbon Reef Systems from Port Douglas with the local scuba diving boat Silversonic Dive & Snorkel.

I have a nice little underwater rig setup. For most of my footage I use a Gopro 2 Camera in 1080p High Definition. I have also fitted a red lens filter kit from the underwater camera company Backscatter in California.

I have also attached two 1200 lumen LED underwater lights to really help lift the color, especially in the shadows during the day.

This is just the first of a series of Underwater Scuba Diving Films I have been working on. I’m currently working on the next film and will slowly gather a whole new array of footage over the coming months.

Please enjoy, Scuba Diving Film Cairns.

Ocean Conservation, Australia – Leading the Way!


Ocean Conservation Australia – Leading the Way!

Ocean Conservation is a hot topic at the moment with the state of our oceans. During September 2012 the IUCN World Conservation Congress in South Korea adopted a resolution congratulating Australia for its landmark announcement to establish the world’s largest network of marine reserves, and urging Australia to proclaim the network swiftly.

Just weeks later the Australian Government did just that, and set in law the national network of marine reserves showing the world that Australia means business when it comes to protecting our oceans.

Over fishing in all of our Oceans means we all as human’s have a responsibility to help the survival of our species and work with the environment around us. Ocean Conservation is a topic that needs to be addressed by all nations, not just Australia.

Cairns Tropical Zoo – Adventure & Fun

Cairns Tropical Zoo – Adventure & Fun

Cairns Tropical Zoo, located just 20 min North of the city, is one of Cairns oldest nature parks and a great way to see native Australian animals. If you have a hire car while you are here in Cairns, you can usually get a basic small car for about $55 per day. Just drive north on the Bruce Highway it should only take you about 30 min to arrive at Cairns Tropical Zoo.

On a beautiful sunny blue sky day last Saturday, myself and fellow blogger Mitch Callander went out on a short day trip to Cairns Tropical Zoo. While Cairns is famous for being home to the Great Barrier Reef, it is also home some of the most amazing wildlife found in Australia.

“Large kangaroos, cuddly koalas, lizards, salt water crocodiles and of course the famous native rain-forest bird the Cassowary.”

The Cassowary is a large land based bird that can not fly, it has developed a large claw in its front foot to help dig up the rain-forest floor as it looks for fruits, nuts and berries. A mostly harmless, bird the Cassowary has been known to attack, especially when they have small offspring nearby.

Cairns Tropical Zoo not only has native animals, but also houses species from all over the world, my favorite of these being the cute little Lemurs from Madagascar. So, if you’re looking for a family day out in Cairns that doesn’t cost to much,  entrance was about $33 for Adults and $16.50 for Children (at the time of writing this article).

Below is a short video we made from our day out visiting Cairns Tropical Zoo – enjoy!

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