Scenic Reef Flights Cairns

Scenic Reef Flights Cairns

Scenic Reef Flights Cairns will give you amazing views of the reef systems here in Cairns from the sky. Traveling at just over 800ft the altitude is just perfect for spotting giant turtles, sting rays, sharks and if your lucky the rare giant dugong.

The Great Barrier Reef is huge, around 2800km to be a little more exact, and people only really get to experience it by day boat snorkeling or diving, which is still a fantastic way to see it, but there is another way to see how enormously large this reef systems is, and that is by Air on a scenic flight.

Now Cairns has a few options for viewing the reef by air and one of the most convenient and accessible is by Helicopter. Highly versatile and maneuverable the Helicopter is the perfect machine for taking off and landing in tight spots like floating platforms and small helipads.

So it is quite easy to organize a 10-min heli flight while you are out visiting the reef on one of the many floating platform tour operators day vessels. GBR Helicopters is one of the main companies that offer many Heli Scenic Flight options and are very professional in all that they do.

Nautalis Aviation is also another company starting to bustle its way into the Scenic Reef Flights Cairns market. They have a beautiful big red Eurocopter that is the flagship of there fleet.

Another way to see it is by small aero plane, these are usually much cheaper than a helicopter, keep in mind thou they cannot land at a pontoon or island so they are usually a 30min flight from the mainland out over the reef.

Either way by Small Aero Plane or Helicopter if you can work it into your budget and the weather is looking fine, get yourself out on a Scenic Reef Flight Cairns, you will find the experience unforgettable.

Reef Scenic Flight in Cairns Yesterday !! :)

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days that I have ever seen here on The Great Barrier Reef! The weather recently has  been absolutely perfect, with North Queensland displaying the beautiful blue skies and sunshine it is so famous for. Looking up at the sky yesterday, I made an impulse decision to contact my buddies at Barrier Aviation and booked an hour-long scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef! We took off just after 2 pm in the afternoon from Cairns airport, greeted by amazing views – just see the photos below!

Cairns Scenic Flight The Great Barrier Reef

Vlasoff Cay – Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Scenic Flight Cairns

Cairns Scenic Flight over The Great Barrier Reef with Barrier Aviation

Diving News Cairns – Barracuda School with Silverswift on Saturday.

Diving News Cairns – This Saturday we went out on “Silverswift Dive & Snorkel,” a day vessel travelling to Flynn Reef from Cairns. I must say that even though it was quite windy and a little rough heading out, the diving was as fantastic as always! On our second dive of the day, we found ourselves at a dive site called ‘Gordans’, which is a famous site for Hawksbill Sea Turtles. However, to our surprise we stumbled upon a hug school of Chevron Barracuda (see the short video below)! Silverswift always gets a huge thumbs up for day diving here in Cairns on The Great Barrier Reef.

Click here to book your – Cairns Silverswift Reef Tour

Filming and Editing Complete! Post Production Done! ‘Pro-Dive’ Cairns Corporate Movie Ready!

Pro-Dive Cairns have just launched their new corporate DVD, filmed and produced by Stuart Ireland at Calypso Productions here in Cairns! We had a lot of fun working with Stuart on this! A big thanks to Steve Brady from Pro-Dive Cairns for bringing us all together! Filmed on location in Cairns on The Great Barrier Reef utilizing Pro-Dive’s multi-million dollar dive vessels, it’s always an absolute pleasure to go out diving with these guys and I look forward to working with them again on the next film project!


Undara Lava Tubes Shine After the Wet Season!

On the weekend three of us went out to Undara Lava Tubes, a little expecting it to be a hot, dry experience with some old dry, dusty caves. Well, firstly, to my surprise I was really taken back by the quality of the camping accommodation, which consists of funky old train carriages. The resort itself has a beautiful big restaurant overlooking the rustic surrounds, with a fantastic breakfast area in the bush  (just watch out for the local kookaburras, as they will have your breakfast if you’re not looking!).

The sunset & wildlife tour will take your breath away where you can take in the fantastic views while sipping a fine sparkling wine and munching on smoked cheese. We then moved onto the Lava Tubes to view the famous bats that inhabit one of these caves.

Battling the local wild life for our breakfast the following day was a lot of fun. We then took off for the morning Lava Tube tour. Since the rainy season has just ended, the tubes still have water in them, and what an experience! I personally never knew so much about Lava Tubes until after this tour! I give Undara Lava tubes a 5/5 for the whole experience, from the staff, who where fantastic, to the food and of course the country side, wildlife and the incredible Lava Tubes. Definitely do yourself a favour and head on out to Undara Lava Tubes – you won’t be disappointed!

Accommodation inside the Carriages~

Australian Kookaburra

Sparkling Wine & Smoked Cheese at Sunset

Millstream Falls on the way to Undara

Greenbuddy Adventure Travel Magazine Launches at ITB Berlin, Germany 2012!

Welcome to my latest project: Greenbuddy Adventure Travel Magazine.
Greenbuddy Travel Magazine will make its début at ITB Berlin in Germany next month from the 7th-11th March.

Greenbuddy Adventure Travel Magazine came to life late last year,springing up as an idea to present a high quality photography orientated, travel inspiring piece. I wanted it so people can touch, hold and really take in these beautiful images. I wanted to share some of the many amazing experiences I have had out there in this world.

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