Chinese Flying High On Skydiving

Chinese Flying High On Skydiving

Chinese Flying High On Skydiving

When I began consulting for Skydive Australia not even a year ago (as I write this article), I was met with remarks from peers in the industry that ‘it won’t work,’ ‘Chinese people aren’t adventurous’ and even that ‘they don’t have time in their itinerary.’

However, after having worked in a local travel agency catering specifically to the Chinese/ HK/ Taiwan markets prior to taking on the challenge, I knew that the Chinese had already developed an appetite for Skydive and that this was just the beginning!

Firstly, the Taiwanese and HK backpackers and working holiday makers are already crazy for Skydiving. It is one of their ‘bucket list’ items which they often fulfill before returning back to their homeland to resume ‘life as usual.’ It took a period of about five years to get to this point for them.

So, it is only natural to see that this popularity will spill over to the mainland Chinese, which by nature follows trends set by Taiwan.

Since my representation of Skydive Australia at the Australian Tourism Exchange 2014 (which was, fittingly for me, in Cairns), we have seen a huge influx in popularity from Chinese groups and FIT market via our engagement with travel agents.

Previously, agents who were at first not interested have been suddenly approaching us, as their customers start to steer the demand for skydiving by request.

Nearly one year later, and Skydive as a product has already been accepted along with any other product as a viable selling option. The original tentativeness shown by agents has been replaced by a keen interest, as they learn more about the product and the safety aspects of it.

With the burgeoning youth Chinese market, adventure experience companies such as Skydive Australia can expect ever – increasing numbers of Chinese customers keen to step out of their comfort zone and really experience what life has to offer them other than work.


Mitchell Callander is a freelance Chinese marketing consultant specializing in the Asian markets, specifically China, Japan, Korea and India. He speaks fluent mandarin, conversational Japanese and is developing an online social media based channel completely in mandarin, called Strange Rice TV.