Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef

Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef

Thursday night was a rainy, slightly sultry evening with a little bit of wind, so our hopes weren’t high as we jumped on board TUSA T6 to head out for this yearly event’s night of diving.

It wasn’t until we descended to a depth of about 13 meters that the action started. We were viewing schools of smaller fish, scurrying around looking for cover from larger predator fish like Giant Trevally and Red Bass, until we encountered our first sitting of coral spawning. The brain coral seemed to start the show off with a milky, smokey haze emitting from their hard outer crusts.

This was my second time to witness coral spawning Great Barrier Reef style, so I had a few ideas of what would happen on our dive.  Drifting with the light current in slightly deeper waters, we hit the jackpot with 3 Moray Eels nestled in their hiding holes waiting for dinner to drift by.

The second Moray Eel was actually the biggest one I have ever seen in all my years of diving, an amazing big head and body with one sole cleaner shrimp hanging around for the scraps of any prey the Eel may have snapped up.  She seemed surprisingly relaxed, so we were able to get very close to this amazing species while she allowed us film her and enjoy that moment.

This was all on the first dive, so we were pretty stoked when we returned to the boat to receive our hot dinner! The second dive was also a beautiful dive and although there wasn’t as much action as the first, it was a nice way to finish off our night diving  for this year’s coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.