Deep Sea Divers Den Cairns

Deep Sea Divers Den Cairns

It was Tuesday 04th DEC 2012, we had been planning to go out and experience the reef reproducing (Coral Spawning) but we were not sure exactly which night it was going to happen.

Being a totally natural phenomenon the reef boat operators can only guide us when planning the exact night the reef will spawn. Really we should go out every-night during this period to make sure we catch the coral spawn, but with regular life getting in the way we only had the one night to try.

Myself and a bunch of dive buddies all meet down at the boat Deep Sea Divers Den which is docked on B-finger at Marlin Marina Cairns. Boarding the vessel, meeting the crew and setting up our gear we were ready for the night ahead of us. Conditions were reasonably calm and water temps were pushing up around 27 degrees we all had our fingers crossed tonight would be the night.

At about 7pm we arrived at Norman reef, the crew had us all secure on the mooring and the dive deck was full with everybody getting ready with anticipation, would it be happening tonight!

We had a beautiful first dive, lots of GT’s no not Gin & Tonics but Giant Trevally were tagging along with us during the dive waiting for us to play God with our spot lights and dish them up some little tasty baby yellow tail fish for dinner.

We encountered a few little white / black tip reef sharks and a giant bump headed parrot fish before discovering the giant brain corals starting to emit there milky reproductive juices! Yep that’s right it had started.

Returning to the boat for a hot dinner which was well received, we jumped back in the water for our second dive, our eyes lay witness to more Coral Spawning. So all in all we were very lucky, we had picked the correct evening to go out and we all managed to catch a glimpse of this marvelous feet of nature.

If you ever find yourself up here in Cairns towards the end of November early December try go out and see if you too can catch a look at this marvel. Visit the reef boat companies websites they usually promote these once a year night trips starting early November, this will give you a heads up on the rough timing the coral spawning can happen.

A big thank you to all the crew at Deep Sea Divers Den Cairns, my dive buddies: Steve Brady, Michelle Kach, Juan Restrepo, Nikki, Tom and Libby! Catch some of the footage from the Coral Spawn Night Dive above: