Diving Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Diving Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Diving in Cairns The Great Barrier Reef

Diving: Cairns & Papua New Guinea

Have you been diving for a while and are looking for a dive holiday with something just that little bit different? Why not take the option of diving from Cairns’ Outer Ribbon Reefs and beyond, while also Diving on the Eastern Bays of Papua New Guinea?

Local Cairns dive tour booking agency Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Center have put together custom dive itineraries for diving in Cairns, The Cod Hole, Osprey Reef and Papua New Guinea.

Start your Cairns Diving expedition boarding a 5-day live aboard vessel from Cairns. The live aboard will take you to the Outer Ribbon Reefs, Lizard Island, The Cod Hole and Osprey Reef.

Experience some of the best diving in Australia drifting past 1000 meter walls at the amazing Osprey Reef. Most expeditions also include a controlled shark feeding that really gets you close to many species of reef and blue water sharks.

Most expeditions finish with a scenic flight from Lizard island an altitude of just over 800 feet above sea level (in order to keep divers safe). This concludes your Cairns diving component of the tour.

After taking a day to relax, you take a short 1 hour 45 minute flight to Papua New Guinea, relax have some lunch, while taking an afternoon flight to TUFI Resort.

At TUFI Resort, you will spend 5 nights of world class muck diving under the jetty at the house reefs, or diving the outer reef walls with mild currents, schooling barracuda, hammerhead sharks and an array of amazing bio diversity.

TUFI Resort is part of the Coral Triangle in Papua New Guinea and is recognized as some of the most pristine diving in the world. The eastern side of PNG is rarely visited by ‘outsiders’ and boasts some of the most remote diving locations in the world.

For more information please visit: Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Centre