Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Cairns Video

Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Cairns Video

Diving on The Great Barrier Reef Australia – We just finished filming with our GoPro2 and underwater red lens filter. Spending the day diving on the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful experience, so many fish, colors and beautiful clear blue water.

We have created a small Scuba Dive video of our day spent with day reef tour company Silverswift Cruises. A tour boat that departs from Cairns in North Queensland. Departing Cairns at 8:30am in the morning it took approx 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive at Flynn Reef. This is a beautiful reef structure of about 6 klm in circumference with an abundance of marine life living in this aquatic environment.

There are beautiful coral gardens up in the shallows, these must be really well protected for the coral growth is absolutely outstanding to say the least. Amazing bright colors, strong growth in all the different species and an abundance of reef fish, we even caught a glimpse of a nice little white tip reef shark.

Water temperature was about 23 degrees Celsius which is normal for September these are the winter months up here in Northern Australia. So a 3mm wet-suit with a shark skin is generally all you need for some nice comfortable diving.

Diving The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a joy most people will only get to try once or twice, so if you are coming to Australia do yourself a favor come on up to Cairns and head on out to The Great Barrier Reef, see it with your own eyes, the only way to really get an idea of how big and amazing the world’s largest reef system really is.

If you have time check out Diving The Great Barrier Reef Australia – Scuba Dive Video Cairns, we hope it will inspire you to come and film your own Great Barrier Reef diving video.