Diving In Papua New Guinea

Diving In Papua New Guinea

The Article: Published 16th OCT 2010
Author: Clint Carroll

Papua New Guinea is certainly the last wild frontier! I was lucky enough to find myself travelling to PNG last month, and wow! What a wild, pristine environment! I found myself flying up to a spectacular part of the country to TUFI Dive Resort. We flew in over massive mountain ranges and arrived on the East North East part of the country to find this pristine dive resort. TUFI is wow in a big way. I found the reef straight off the wharf, great for macro photography. We then found ourselves on pristine diving reefs just 30 mins by boat from the resort! I have attached a bunch of photos to get you excited:

TUFI Resort Papua New Guinea

TUFI Dive Resort is absolutely beautiful, with solid timber decks and amazing big common room with spacious bungalows pitched right on the edge of the only fjords in Papua New Guinea.

Airlines Papua New Guinea
Airlines PNG landing at TUFI, with locals and tourists traveling out to TUFI from Port Moresby.

Waterfalls Papua New Guinea

Beautiful waterfalls about half an hour from the resort by boat, a fantastic way to enjoy the afternoon.

A big thank you to all the staff and village people for showing me the life in TUFI. A big thank you also to all the dive boys for their expert guiding and knowledge of the absolutely amazing dive locations. This won’t be my last trip to visit TUFI Dive Resort, Papua New Guinea in this incredible part of the world .

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