Eating Out In Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide! – Noodles with Attitude!

Eating out in Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide - Noodles with Attitude!

Eating out in Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide – Noodles with Attitude!

Eating Out In Cairns! When Garlic & Ramon Collide! – Noodles with Attitude!


Welcome to our latest article on Eating out in Cairns!


One of the fundamental enjoyments of traveling is unquestionably stuffing our mouths with great food, right?


Well, maybe not necessarily stuffing, but tasting the exotic flavor’s of a foreign country is definitely pertinent to gaining a deeper insight to the everyday lives of locals.


Here, we are going to try to discuss the question:


“Is the local food being served in Cairns a true representation of the local people?”


Arriving – As weary travelers stumbling into a new town or city, we observe new smells, colors, people and weather conditions. Cairns has a thick, heavy and humid climate, especially in Summer. You will most definitely feel this as soon as you step off the plane!


With backpacks laden and all the comforts of home inside, the traveler dodges the throngs of people hustling and bustling their way out of the airport.


Now to find the hotel, you flag down a taxi or take off on an airport shuttle. Eventually, you arrive at your new home! Now, that wasn’t too hard, wasn’t it?!


Firstly, take the weight off your shoulders and store your bags. You’ve now arrived at your eco-luxury tropical escape! Well, maybe not quite that luxurious, but you will be able to at least call it home for the next few days!


It’s right about at this point in time I find the belly starts to rumble! For me this is where the real fun begins! Eating!


Exploring any new city or town is an absolute joy, new streets, architecture, buildings, different people, faces, language, fashion, cars, motorbikes and for me, the main event ….food!


As mentioned before, I always ask the question; is the local food a representation of the local people? From my experience, I would have to say yes!


No trip to Paris would be complete without a freshly baked croissant from the local Boulangerie, would it? Certain foods most definitely represent the local inhabitants, don’t you think?


A fantastic example of food representing people is right here in Cairns. This little city is one of my favorite eating cities in the world. Well actually I’am a little biased, mainly because I live here!


We have a huge variety of international cuisines and multicultural flavors right on our door step! Firstly, just take a walk down to our famous local fresh fruits and vegetables market, Rusty’s Markets Cairns! Here you will find all walks of life and more importantly all the flavors of the world! Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings!


How did we arrive at this multicultural food revolution you may ask? Well it wasn’t as strenuous as Che Guevara’s struggle’s to freedom in South America.


A lot of it has to do with the International flight connections that come in and out of Cairns from our neighboring countries! Also, the work forces required to service the ever growing Cairns Tourism Industry!


The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!

The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!

The Top 5 Secret Food Places Eating out in Cairns? Only the locals know!


When Garlic and Ramon noodles collide there is only one Japanese restaurant like it … the Sensei of Japanese Ramon in Cairns – Gumbarumba Ramon Noodles Cairns on Spence Street. Ramon noodles to die for at a fantastic price. With awesome service, try their hot cooked Gyoza’s & soy sauce, I promise you wont be disappointed.


Next on the Cairns street food trail is Ocha Cha Japanese Restaurant Cairns , upstairs behind the old defunct Blue Sky brewery on Lake Street. This is a local secret, a little golden gem, hidden far from view. Don’t blink or you will miss it! Beautiful set menus at an excellent price, this really feels like you’re in Tokyo!


No traveling adventure to Cairns would be complete without a visit to one of the very best Korean Restaurants in Cairns – Corea Corea Restaurant Cairns , upstairs at Orchid Plaza in the heart of the city! Fantastic speedy service, amazing hot rock BBQ Beef bowls with tantalizing chili and garlic flavors! You really should try the Beef Rib Soup! Get in early as it gets very busy here!


There are many more food institutions in Cairns worth their wait in Gold, these include the finer dining restaurants of Barnacle Bills Seafood Restaurant , one of Cairns local favorites. Also you cannot go paste the beautiful Dundee’s Restaurant on the Cairns Esplanade, complete with spectacular harbor views and a delicious variety of wines!


So, going back to my theory; does a food represent the local culture? I mentioned a bunch of beautiful Japanese and Korean restaurants, so does that mean we have a lot of Japanese and Korean people living here in Cairns?


Well the answer is yes! Due to direct air access and the large tourism industry that operates here in Cairns, many tourism companies employ foreign speakers to deal with the large volumes international tourists that visit the region. Cairns is also very popular for International students studying English at one of the many Cairns English Language schools.


Read our recent article on how Cairns is voted 4th in the top 10 Destinations to visit in Australia by Trip Advisor 2015!


With direct flights from Tokyo and Osaka to Cairns on Jetstar Airways up to 3 days per week and at just 7 hours to get here, it’s no wonder we have fantastic international restaurants right on our door step.


It’s so nice to be able to walk the streets of Cairns and with a little local knowledge pick a restaurant based on your taste buds desires!


Eat well my traveling buddies, try one of the many restaurants mentioned above. You wont be disappointed, especially now you know where to go!


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Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.