Grey Whaler Reef Shark, Night Dive, Pro-Dive, Cairns, Australia

One of the many of the questions that I get asked is “are there sharks out on the Great Barrier Reef?” The answer is: “yes, of course there is!” …but what are the main types of sharks people see when they take a snorkel or dive trip out to the reef?

Well, from making nearly 2oo dives from Cairns in the last two years, the majority of my encounters have been with white and black tip reef sharks. These guys are shy, very timid and will swim away when frightened.

So, if you asked me this question I say that you should make a wish if you see one, because you are lucky.

I took a 3 day live aboard trip out on the Reef last week with Pro-Dive, Cairns. They have a fantastic operation, a great crew, fantastic dive gear and really good quality sites out on the reefs departing from Cairns. Here is a little video diving at night just under the boat when this little guy came in to say hello.

Enjoy the video and where ever you are, happy diving!   🙂