Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia

Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia

An exciting new way to explore the region to the north, near the famous little rainforest village of Kuranda, has now hit the scene in Cairns!

Hummer Night Tours – Cairns, Australia is located about 40 mins drive from downtown Cairns, towards the western part of Kuranda, where the landscape opens up towards the tablelands region, with the beautiful little town of Atherton lying further to the south.

Local tour company, ‘International Coaches & Tours’ operate ‘H1 – American Hummer Night Tours’ – Cairns Australia. So, for those who are adventurous at heart and also want to see some amazing wildlife at the same time, ┬ácheck it out!

A thrilling ride through the bush, scrub and rainforest (complete with jumps and mud holes) will have you hanging on for your life. However, rest assured that the local driver guides know their stuff, so sit back and enjoy this thrilling new night tour!

‘Hummer Night Tours – Cairns Australia’ start at around 6:30pm. They will collect you from your hotel and take you up to their adventure park where you will experience all the excitement of riding in an American H1 – Hummer, enjoy a real Aussie style BBQ dinner, before visiting Granite Gorge to hand feed the local rock wallabies.

For a really great way to experience the real Australian bush at night book your Hummer Night Tours Cairns and have a fantastic fun-filled evening!