Skydiving Cairns @ 14000ft – Amazing Tandem Skydive.

Skydiving Cairns @ 14000ft – Amazing!

Wow!! I know you have probably thought about it, you have probably even seen videos on YouTube and on TV, people jumping out of aeroplanes and skydiving. So what are you waiting for?

One lazy Monday we had the opportunity to get up really early and try Skydiving Cairns, with lazy legs we got out of bed, got dressed, jump into the harness, practice the door exit and body fly position then whamo jump onto our skydive plane.

I have done a few skydives now, so the feeling is starting to get a little more familiar to me but still, every time I get in the plane and take off, the heart starts racing and I know whats coming up next. After about a 20 min flight departing from the Cairns Air Port we arrive at altitude 14,000ft. The plane makes its last turn onto whats known as the jump run and the red, orange and green lights come on which means door opening time!

A quick shuffle to the door and quick body check then wahoo your out and free falling for over 60 secs of amazing awesomeness! The wind in your face and travelling at about 280km you are travelling really fast! At around 5000ft the guys pull the shoot and find your self sitting upright under a beautiful large canopy that floats you down to land.

Now this is better than any strong espresso shot first thing in the morning, you will be full of beans for the rest of the day, you would have also seen some of the most amazing views we have here in Cairns and over The Great Barrier Reef. Skydiving in Cairns should be on your bucket list, as one of the top destinations in Australia to try a skydive I highly recommend getting your morning jump on!

If you’re looking to book Skydiving Cairns then please see the guys at Skydiving Cairns.