Spectacular TUFI Resort Diving – Papua New Guinea

All Photos © Copyright Clint Carroll – 2015

A place that is very close to my heart is a small little village called TUFI in Papua New Guinea. A small remote village community located on the Eastern side of Papua New Guinea, only a 45min flight from the Capital Port Moresby. TUFI has about 2000 local people living in the surrounding rain-forest covered mountains and fjords.

TUFI is located on the edge of the only fjords found in Papua New Guinea, they offer spectacular views when arriving by Dash-8 Aeroplane from Port Moresby.

This was my 5th visit to TUFI over the years and an absolutely fantastic experience each and every single time.

I had the opportunity to Dive TUFI’s spectacular Fjords looking for all sorts of little critters like blue ringed octopus, nudibranchs, mandarine fish and ghost pipe fish.

With fantastic diving in the Fjords and calm blue seas we headed out to the very outer reef systems from TUFI. Located just over 45 min from TUFI we experienced spectacular wall diving on Mullaway and Cyclone Reefs.

A little closer to shore Honeymoon and Stuarts Reefs where definitely some of the highlights with spectacular coral growth and thousands of fish on the front walls of the reefs.

The local people of TUFI will welcome you with the word Oro! As you venture deep into the jungle inland of McClaren Harbor, the next Fjord North from TUFI. You really get a sense of what it is like to witness a traditional sago making ceremony.

All the children will yell Oro! Oro! Oro! with big smiles and bright colored traditional tribal dress, you are now in TUFI country. Sago is a traditional food made from the local palm trees, a soft white type of dough is made and then cooked with a brisk burning dry palm leaf to create a cooked damper or scone like bread.

Thousands of years have passed creating time honored traditions, taught and handed down from generation to generation.

Together as a community TUFI has the ability to transform your traveling experience. A step back in time to a pristine natural environment, a calmness to settle your mind. A chance to experience amazing natural beauty and perhaps remind you of what life was like on this earth thousands of years ago.

The ultimate way to stay at TUFI is at the only resort in the area TUFI Resort. You can take an Airlines PNG Flight from Port Moresby a 45 minute flight on either a Monday / Wednesday or Friday.

The Resort has modern private en-suite rooms, tea coffee making facilities, they include all meals and is a great place to base yourself for 5 to 7 days of exploring the TUFI region.

Divers have an untouched diving paradise right at the doorsteps to TUFI. Hikers have beautiful walking trails thru small villages along the Fjiords. Birdwatchers have walking trails and boat cruises in the Fjords to look for Wild Papuan Hornbills, Varieties of Kingfisher, Black Palm Cockatoos and the famous Birds of Paradise when you head up into the nearby mountains.

Fisherman are also welcome and can charter a fully rigged fishing boat. Visiting the far northern and southern reefs that are well away from the resorts diving reefs.

For the ultimate cultural experience you can stay at a local village guest house, this will be a once in a life time experience to live with a local family for a night or two. Try local foods and gain an intimate working knowledge of life in the village.

Welcome to the last final frontier, TUFI in Papua New Guinea, Oro Oro Oro!

To find out more please visit – www.tufiresort.com Flights can be booked thru – www.apng.com

Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of Greenbuddy.com.au. based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.