‘Spirit of Freedom’ Review – Cairns Live Aboard Dive Trip

What a week I just had! I spent four days out diving with live-aboard dive company ‘Spirit of Freedom.’ These guys have it going on big time, everything from the food to the service, to the dive gear and most of all the dive sites were all unreal!!!! I made 11 dives in 3 days, including a night dive and all we did was eat and dive, eat and dive, eat and dive… sleep. Perfection.

The vessel is stunning as it was just out for a refit and the dive gear was great – nice big 12 litre tanks. Due to this, I managed my longest dive ever of 60 mins at the famous cod hole….. wow!!!!

I give these guys 5 Stars, plus I will be saving up for the 7 day trip they offer out to Osprey Reef for sure!