Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor!

Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor

Travelling to Australia? Has the World Currency Market Dumped the Dollar in Your Favor?


Thinking of taking that long awaited holiday to Australia? Is it on your bucket list of places to visit?


Just imagine, finally a chance to see Koala’s, Kangaroos, Ayers Rock, The Sydney Opera House and the ultimate wonder; The Great Barrier Reef!


Only after the idea has set, do we start to think about money! Only to be able to afford the international airline tickets. As the dream slowly becomes a reality the mind wonders; how long could you actually stay at $150AUD a night in 3 star hotels?


As the global monitory systems grinds on, something has been secretly working in your favor! The demise of Australian mining industry! Well its not as bad as that, but it is moving in a definite downward trend! What does that have to do with taking a holiday to Australia you may ask? Well its getting cheaper for starters!


The demise of the Australian dollar seems to have allot more to do with China than Australia. Simply put China has reduced its consumption of Iron Ore, Copper and Coal. These where the main resources it used to buy from Australia! According to economists China is still developing, just not at the pace it was 2/3 years ago.


Australia acted as one of China’s main source’s for raw materials. So now the demand is easing off, the big investment money has headed offshore to healthier and happier returns. In doing so the Australian dollar has headed into a downward spiral ever since. Economists are predicting it will tumble even further! Struth!


That is spectacular news for you the potential traveler! No really! At the time of writing this article, the Google machine suggests one British pound is worth 2.14 Australian Dollars! That’s a 50% saving on all Australian tour and travel product!


Ok so its the long haul international flight that’s the issue! Wait a minute, what about those fantastic deals coming out of Europe stopping thru Abu Dhabi, Dubai and even Singapore.


Did you know there are now direct flights between Singapore and Cairns in Northern Australia? Cairns is still regarded as The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! Check out Silkairs new service, you can fly London to Singapore to Cairns direct! Just awesome! Come and have some fun in the sun!


So back to our holiday calculations, a full day reef trip out on the Great Barrier Reef departing from either Cairns or Port Douglas is going to set you back around $200 Australian Dollars. Convert that to British pounds at today’s rate and it’s only £93.40.


Seriously what can £93.40 buy you in the UK? Well you could get 2 x 30 min joy rides on the Coca Cola London Eye from £75.90.


Is visiting the Great Barrier Reef; the largest living organism in the World, the most Spectacular Reef System on the planet worth £93.40. I should hope so. Don’t forget lunch, morning / afternoon tea and all of your snorkeling equipment is provided! Also a portion of that money goes to the preservation of the reef!


I know I hear you, add the international Flights, Food, Hotels and Transport and yes things do start to add up. But for the last 10 years this is nearly as good as it gets! or should I say as good as its been for a very long time!


Brent Crude oil is another factor that comes into play; cheap oil is making it more affordable to get to and from Australia. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was designed to be 20% more fuel efficient! Add to the equation major competition between carriers and we have an air price war, where at the end of the day the consumer wields the power!


Fuel at the petrol bowser in Australia is still pretty high, its strange considering crude oil prices are as low as I can ever remember. Your still looking at around $1.48 per liter to fill up your car.


So renting a car or camper gives you the freedom to roam the wide open plains. But you will end up paying for it at the petrol bowser. It’s still much cheaper to fly in Australia than it is to take your car.


So is Australia Cheap? Has the World Currency Market Made it more Affordable?


In some regards, I would have to say yes! As a whole I wouldn’t say Australia is cheap destination to travel. For example a meat pie and can of coke will still set you back around $7.50AUD.


But I would say at the time of writing this article the World currency market has now created a positive exchange rate in favor of our British, European and American Travelers.


In fact; if you look at history, it hasn’t been this good for well over 10+ Years!


So as time moves on, the kids get a little older and the mortgage is paid down. Is it time to splurge a little on that long lost wild destination called Australia? I think so, if not its getting very close.


Come on out and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. You may even find you’ll have a dollar or two left over for a souvenir Koala photo! Struth Mate!


Happy traveling everyone!


Clint Carroll is an adventure travel enthusiast, travel blogger, avid scuba diver and founder of based in Cairns, Australia. Connect with Clint on Twitter.