Undara Lava Tubes Shine After the Wet Season!

On the weekend three of us went out to Undara Lava Tubes, a little expecting it to be a hot, dry experience with some old dry, dusty caves. Well, firstly, to my surprise I was really taken back by the quality of the camping accommodation, which consists of funky old train carriages. The resort itself has a beautiful big restaurant overlooking the rustic surrounds, with a fantastic breakfast area in the bush  (just watch out for the local kookaburras, as they will have your breakfast if you’re not looking!).

The sunset & wildlife tour will take your breath away where you can take in the fantastic views while sipping a fine sparkling wine and munching on smoked cheese. We then moved onto the Lava Tubes to view the famous bats that inhabit one of these caves.

Battling the local wild life for our breakfast the following day was a lot of fun. We then took off for the morning Lava Tube tour. Since the rainy season has just ended, the tubes still have water in them, and what an experience! I personally never knew so much about Lava Tubes until after this tour! I give Undara Lava tubes a 5/5 for the whole experience, from the staff, who where fantastic, to the food and of course the country side, wildlife and the incredible Lava Tubes. Definitely do yourself a favour and head on out to Undara Lava Tubes – you won’t be disappointed!

Accommodation inside the Carriages~

Australian Kookaburra

Sparkling Wine & Smoked Cheese at Sunset

Millstream Falls on the way to Undara