Welcome 2012!! Happy New Year!!

Well, here we are – welcome to 2012 !! I hope everyone survived the new year festivities all over the world !! In reflection, this year has seen a lot of changes happening in the tourism industry here in Cairns for 2011. I think prices on tours are starting to stabilize a little bit as there has been a lot of movement in prices over the last year which reflects the challenging economic times felt by the industry.

Christmas saw a lot of people going out to the Great Barrier Reef with just about every tour boat full everyday over the festive period, which is fantastic! It really does show the resilience of Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is a world class location with amazing landscapes and natural beauty that is hard pressed to find in such concentration anywhere else in Australia, let alone the world. As the Bangkok post puts it, Cairns truly is the World Wonder Down Under! It’s true that everybody is welcome here in Cairns! The great lifestyle of this little, bustling city is what continues to move it forward, with people flocking here from all over the world to see her iconic gem, the Great Barrier Reef! Happy New Year everybody!

PS: Nemo says G’day Mate!  🙂