White Water Rafting in Cairns – The Tully River

White Water Rafting in Cairns – The Tully River, Extreme Rafting!


Can a river be an institution?


I know, sounds like a funny question, but in the Word of white water rafting, I’m talking about big six-man rafts with a professional guide out the back! Can a river be famous? Like does this rivers reputation proceed itself?


The Tully River, located about a 2-hour drive south of Cairns, is one of Australia’s most famous white water rafting rivers. It has a nick name its called the Mighty Tully.


“The Tully River is the largest White Water Rafting River in Australia!”


The township of Tully receives the highest amount of rainfall, more than any other town or place in Australia. The perfect place for a large white water rafting river!


White water rafting enthusiast have been coming to Tully for more than 30 years to try their hand at rafting this mighty River. Rafting guides from all over the world have come to find a job and work on this famous North Australian River.


Some guides have spent their lives working on the Tully River. I guess you call these guys river rats! These guys are the masters of the river, they know every eddie, rapid, small drop, large drop and the more dangerous swirling cive.


The paragraph below is the original extract about white water rafting on the Tully River.  I finished that little sentence back on the 07th of November 2009.


Wow how time flies and now I look at how short and sweet my posts used to be back then.


“The mighty Tully River is at it again! The rains are here and the rivers are starting to pump. Every year the Tully River Bursts its banks and turns into a grade 5 monster with raging gushing white water rapids. I cant wait for January when she will go ballistic.”